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The Story of Second Nature Wood

Second Nature Wood Design started with the belief that the furniture we put in our home should tell a story. Using raw lumber, whether fresh from the woods, or reclaimed from a century-old barn, we seek to build you a product that tells that story, like every home should; with strength, tradition, and character.

Our furniture is built with solid wood, exploiting the timber to create a product that can be relied upon not only for years, but for generations. We use traditional woodworking joinery techniques and tried and true tools and methods. And finally, we work with the natural grains and blemishes found in the wood to bring individual character and beauty to each piece we create.

If you’re looking for a table as rich in character as the family that eats and tells stories around it; if you’re looking for carpentry work that will show off the beauty of what makes your house a home; if you want a furniture piece to be both reliable and beautiful, that can be enjoyed for many years to come, than look to Second Nature Wood Design to provide you with the craftsmanship your family story deserves.

  • Meet Brian Winchester

    Brian is a traditionally taught carpenter and a self taught woodworker. Brian began woodworking at a young age and now has over 18 years experience. He also has an education in wildlife biology and a passion for the outdoors. His appreciation for the beauty of nature has been a significant influence in his work.

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    Meet Brian Winchester